Experiences of Professionalism Attributes among Undergraduates Nursing Students and Nurses

  • Lobna K. Mohamed Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University
  • Shereen R. Dorgham Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University
  • Walaa M. Eid Faculty of Nursing, Tanta University
Keywords: Professionalism, Attributes, nurses, Undergraduate nursing students.


Context: Professionalism is an essential ingredient in the nursing profession that begins during the foundational educational program when the student nurses learn the knowledge, skills, and attitudes and continue during their practices in the real world.

Aim: This research aimed to assess the main attributes of professionalism among undergraduates nursing students and nurses.

Methods: This study utilized a descriptive comparative correlational design. The current study was conducted in the faculty of nursing, as well as in Intensive Care Units, Neonatal Intensive Care Units, Cardiac Care Units, and Neurology Intensive Care Units at Tanta University Hospital. Subjects. The sample consisted of (897) nursing students and (149) nurses. The data collection’s tool was the nursing professionalism attributes' questionnaire that was developed by the authors. It contains three dimensions, including; professional identity (12 statements), professional ethics (12 statements), and professional behaviors (16 statements).

Results: This study suggested that the undergraduate nursing students perceived the high mean score in all professionalism attributes more than the practicing nurses did.

Conclusion: This study concluded that the development of professionalism in nursing is an essential feature of the nursing profession and practice. The nurse students were high in areas of patients and colleagues’ rights, obeying orders, commitment and collaboration, physical appearance, continuing education, and caring of the patient. While the nurses had very low scores in membership in the nursing association, autonomy, and research areas, this study recommended the encouragement of nurses and students' participation in scientific research activities, including; membership in professional organizations or associations, attending nursing conferences/workshops/symposium as a producer or consumer, and fellowship.

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Mohamed, L., Dorgham, S., & Eid, W. (2020). Experiences of Professionalism Attributes among Undergraduates Nursing Students and Nurses. Evidence-Based Nursing Research, 2(1), 12. https://doi.org/10.47104/ebnrojs3.v2i1.111