Vol. 2 No. 3 (2020): July-September


Shimaa M. H. Ali, Eman M. M. Elsherbeny, Mervat A. Ahmed, Hussein M. M. F. Mohamed
Effect of Coping Strategies Education on Knowledge and Behaviors of Women Experienced Workplace Bullying
Ashwaq M. Almashi, Hayfa H. Almutary, Nahed A. Mersal
Essential Elements of Preoperative Information as Perceived by the Nurses in Surgical Units: Scoping Review
Nora A. A. Mohamed, Mahdia M. E. Morsi, Salwa I. Mahmoud
The Perspective of Leader-Member Exchange and Its Relation with Workplace Empowerment and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Nurses
Abeer S. Yousef, Mona M. Shazly, Heba A. Omar
Soft Skills Training Strategy and Its Effect on Nurse Interns' Civil Behavior
Mahdia M. E. Morsy, Shaimaa M. A. Ebraheem
Work-Related Stressors, Coping Strategies: Its Relation to Job Performance and Perceived Organizational Support among Critical Care Nurses
Eman A. A. Dabou, Yasmin F. M. AbdElazeem, Hend A. E. Elshenawie
Effect of Lavender Essential Oil Inhalation on Anxiety Level for Patients Undergoing Closed Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Samah R. I Elrefaey
Stress, Anxiety, and Depression Symptoms in a Population Sample in The Initial Stage of The Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic Outbreak
Fatma A. Abd El-Fatah, Harisa M. A. El-Shimy, Sanaa A. Ibrahim, Marwa M. Abd El-Aleem
Designing and Validating Performance Standards for Clinical Instructors at Technical Institutes of Nursing
Taghreed B. Almuzini, Ghada M. Hamouda, Loujain S. Sharif
Assessment of Stigma-by-Association amongst Nurses Working in Mental Health Units
Rawia A. Ibrahim, Eman S. M. Omran
Effect of Training Exercise Program on Functional Outcomes for Patients with Hand Burns
Eman H. Aljohani, Ghada M. Hamouda, Maram A. Banakhar
Nurses' Perception toward Shared Governance in Clinical Practice at General Hospitals in Jeddah City.
Hadayat A. Amasha, Shaymaa A. Abdel-Haleem, Abeer M. El Maghawery, Gehan A. Elbahlowan
The Relation between Pregnant Women's Self-Efficacy and Their Maternal-Fetal Attachment
Nehal M. Abo El-Fadl
Effect of Educational Program on Nurses' Performance Regarding Prevention and Management of Intravenous Extravasation Chemotherapy
Salma M. Mohamed, Galal A. Elkoly, Elham A. Ramadan, Soad A. Ramadan
Health Belief Model and Nursing Students' Perception about Benefits of Pre Conceptional Folic Acid Intake

Systematic reviews

Fatima I. AlNashri, Hayfa H. Almutary, Elham A. Al Nagshabandi
Impact of Anxiety and Depression on Quality of Life among Patients Undergoing Hemodialysis: A Scoping Review