Vol. 2 No. 2 (2020): April-June


Sara M. Aljanabi, Naglaa El Seesy, Amal Sijeeni
Nurses’ Perception Toward Workplace Violence at Dammam Medical Tower, Saudi Arabia
Safaa A. F. Abou Zed, Amira A. Mohammed
Effect of Care Bundle Education Program on Nurses’ Performance Regarding Central Line-Associated Blood Stream Infection in High Risk Neonates
Asmaa T. Mohamed, Mona A. B. Abd Elltef, Shimaa F. Miky
Prevention Program Regarding Falls among Older Adults at Geriatrics Homes
Mona H. Afif
Awareness of Breast Cancer Risk Factors and Practice of Breast Self-Examination Among Nursing Students
Rawan A. M. Aladah, Nahed M. A. Morsi, Shadia A. Yousef
Job Stress and Self-Efficacy Among Nurses Working in Al-Amal Psychiatric and Addiction Hospital
Hend A. E. Elshenawi, Yasmin F. M. Abed Elazeem
Nurses' Awareness and Perception of Drug-Drug and Drug Food Interactions
Amal T. A. El-Sharkawy, Ola A. A. Araby, Sabah A. Abd El haleem
Effectiveness of Self-instructional Module on Knowledge and Remedial Practices Regarding Selected Minor Ailments Among Primigravida
Gehan S. Abdelgelel, Shadia H. Muhsib, Mona H. Abdelaal, Randa M. Ibrahim
Effect of Nursing Guidelines on Coping of Infertile Couples Undergoing In Vitro Fertilization
Mona M. Barakat, Hend A. Mostafa
Effect of Psycho-Educational Program on Psychological Distress and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder among Stroke Survivors' Patients
Mona H. Mostafa, Sayeda M. Mohamed
Acculturative Stress, Assertiveness, and Self Efficacy among Undergraduate International Nursing Students