Vol. 1 No. 4 (2019): October-December


Eman B. Kasem, Sahar Y. Mohammad, Dalia A. Amin
Glasgow Coma Scale versus Full Outline of Unresponsiveness Scale in Predicting Discharge Outcomes of Traumatic Brain Injury
Eman N. Ramadan, Gamalat M. Abd El-Ghany, Maha M. Abd Elaziz
Effect of Hygiene Guidelines on Knowledge, Attitudes, and Practices of Food Handlers at University Cafeterias
Amal M. Mohamed, Eman T. Mohamed, Jehan A. R. Mohamed
Exercises Training Program: Its Effect on Muscle Strength and Activity of Daily Living among Elderly People
Samah M. Elsayed, Fawzia M. M. Badran, Shimaa S. Adam
Psychological Capital and Organizational Citizenship Behavior among Staff Nurses
Sabah M. Metwally, Nabaweya S. Shehata, Sabah A. Abd El haleem
Women’s Expectations and Experiences Regarding Nursing Support during Childbirth
Hala A. Ali, Amany M. Ahmed, Heba K. Ghazy
Effect of Pre-Marital Care Educational Program on Knowledge and Attitude of Female University Students
Sabah S. Mohamed, Rawia A. Ibraheem
Effect of Preventive Bundle Care on Nurses' Knowledge, Compliance and Patients' Outcome Regarding Pressure Ulcer in the Intensive Care Unit
Farida M. Hassona, Aziza Z. F. Ali, Shaimaa M. Nageeb
Nursing Students’ Computer Self-Efficacy and Attitudes toward Its Use in The Health Care Setting: A Comparative Study
Aziza I. Mohamed, Shimaa A. Moustafa
Effect of Educational Intervention Guideline on Quality of Life among Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Salwa ElBadry, Mervat A. Ghaleb, Nesreen A. M. Abou Zeid
Healthcare Personnel Opinion and their Implementation Obstacles Regarding the Standard Precautions in Hemodialysis Unit
Khadiga M. Said, Safaa F. Draz
The Effect of Empowerment Program for Nurses Regarding Management of Children with Phenylketonuria
Engy A. R. Khamis, Eman Abdelaziz, Ghada Hemdan
Effect of Kegel Exercises on The Recurrence of Lower Urinary Tract Infection in Multiparty
Zeinab F. El Sayed, Bothayna N. Sadek
Effect of Expressive Arts Therapy Interventions on Comfort of Children Undergoing Surgery
Yasmin F. M. AbdElazeem, Rasha F. Ahmed, Eman F. A. M. Aly
The Relation between Fatigue Level and Nurses’ Caring Behavior in The Orthopedic Department
Ehsan Saad Soliman, Shaimaa M. Araby
Ergonomics as Perceived by Staff Nurses and Its Relation to Their Job Satisfaction