Vol. 1 No. 3 (2019): July-September


Eman N. Ramadan, Ahlam E. M. Sarhan, Gamalat M. Abd El-Ghany
Zoonotic Diseases Prevention Program for Veterinary Workers in Rural Health Units at Benha City
Amany A. Mohamed
Internalized Stigma of Mental Illness and Its Relation with Self- Esteem and Social Support among Psychiatric Patients
Fatma N. Kotb
Social Cognition and Sense of Belonging among Institutionalized Schizophrenic Patients
Jaklein R. Younis, Hanan N. Zaki
The Effect of Lifestyle Modification Program on Growth Parameters and Mood Status among Adolescent Girls Having Anemia
Safaa S. Ahmed, Sahar S. Faheim, Samya M. A. Hegazy
Effect of Colostrum Feeding Intervention on the Clinical and Nutritional Outcomes of Very Low Birth Weight Infant
Howida H. E. Mahfouz, Shaimaa M. A. Ebraheem, Abeer Y. Mahdy
The Relation among Shared Governance, Empowerment and Job Involvement as Perceived by Medical-Surgical Nursing Staff
Heba A. Abd Elkader, Eman N. Ramadan, Samah R. I. El Refaey
Effect of Coping Strategies Program on Quality of Life among Emergency Clinic Nurses Working at Night Shift
Hanan A. F. Mohamed, Mahmoud R. Fayed, Somaya O. Abd El Meneam, Ola M. El-Sayed
Effect of Designing and Implementing Nursing Guidelines on Nurses' Performance in Caring Women with Ectopic Pregnancy
Fatma N. Kotb, Sanaa M. Ahmed
Child Abuse and Aggressive Behavior among Primary School Children
Faten K. Elgendy, Hemat M. Abd ElMoneem, Amal K. A. Emam
Promoting Health Practices of Teenage Mothers Regarding Health Care of Their Infants
safaa A. Ahmed, Laila A. H. Ali, Mervat A. Ahmed, Aziza M. Abozied
Testicular Cancer Preventive Behavior among Nursing Males' Students: Intervention Guidelines
Saadia A. Mohamed, Nadia M. Fahmy, Sabah M. Mohamed, Nashwa A. Morshedy
Effect of Self-Care Guideline on Quality of Life among Pregnant Women with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus
Shimaa A. Sharaby, Mona A. B. Abd Ellatef
Effect of Self-Care Guidelines on Low Back Pain among Pregnant Women
Asmaa A. A. Mohamed, Manal S. Hassan, Yasser S. M. Mubarak, Lobna M. Gamal
Effect of Nursing Exercise Protocol on Hemodynamics and Functional Capacity among Patients after Cardiac Surgery
Ehsan S. S. Saad, Samah M. Elsayed
Organizational Support as Perceived by Staff Nurses and Its Relation to Their Autonomy
Gehan A. Gamal, Lobna M. Gamal, Khaled H. M. Eldessouki, Aziza M. Abozied
Chemotherapy Health Hazards among Oncology Nurses and its Possible Relation to Malpractice and Workplace Environment
Farida M. Hassona, Aziza Z. F. Ali
Relationship between Nursing Informatics Competency and Innovativeness among Qualified Nurses
Khadiga M. Said, Rawia A. Mohamed, Safaa F. Draz
Effect of Nursing Protocol Regarding Nasal Skin Breakdown for Preterm Infants Receiving Continuous Positive Airway Pressure
Engy A. R. Khames, Rasha F. Ahmed, Yasmin F. M. Abed Elazeem
The Effect of Brachytherapy Safety Education on Knowledge, Performance, and Attitude of Radiology Nurses