Vol. 1 No. 2 (2019): April-June


Sahar A. A. Ahmed, Sanaa M. Ahmed, Lamia A. Awad
Factors Influencing Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Perception of Educational Quality
Mona H. Afifi, Rama E. Dela, Yara A. Al Qahtani, Afnan Al Dosary, Amnah Y. Hamdi
First Aid Awareness Campaign for Two Undergraduate Nursing Cohorts
Sahar A. A. Ahmed, Sahar Yassien
Risk and Protective Factors Associated with Ovarian Cancer among Two Egyptian Cohorts
Mona M. Barakat, Hanan N. Zaki
Relationship between Psychological Problems and Quality of Life among Leprosy Patients
Sahar S. Faheim, Safaa S. Ahmed, Eman F. A. M. Aly, Samya M. A. Hegazy
Effect of Triage Education on Nurses’ Performance in Diverse Emergency Departments
Gamalat M. Abd El-Ghany, Maha M. Abdelaziz
Available Rights of Persons with Disabilities from Their Mothers' Perspectives in Zagazig City
Amany A. Mohamed, Aml S. A. Abdelrahem, Sanaa M. Ahmed
Behavioral Problems among Visually Impaired Children Studying at Special School for Blindness
Fawzia F. Kamel, Howida H. E. Mahfouz, Mervat A. N. Aref
Quality of Work Life and Organizational Justice: Its Relation to Citizenship Behavior Among Staff Nurses
Heba A. Ali, Safaa M. Hamed
Effect of Patients' Education on Their Performance and Outcomes Regarding Lumbar Disk Herniation
Marwa M. Ali, Rasha F. Mohamed, Amina A. Mahmoud
Effect of Nursing Care Strategy on Functional Outcomes among Patients after First Time Stroke
Aziza Z. F. Ali, Ehsan S. S. Saad, Fadhah T. Alshammari
Effect of Authentic Leadership Educational Program for Head Nurses on Staff Nurses' Organizational Commitment
Khadiga M. Said, Safaa F. Deraz, Amal G. Sebaq
Effect of Designed Practice Guidelines on Nurses’ Performance and Outcome of Children with Head Injuries
Howaida A. H. Elsaba, Alyaa F. A. F. Ibrahim
Sub-Health Status of Employed Women in Two Arab Cities