Knowledge, Attitudes, and Nutrition Practices of Anemic College Females

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Knowledge, Attitudes, and Nutrition Practices of Anemic College Females


Anemia, attitude, females, knowledge, nutrition practice

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Hamed, L. (2021). Knowledge, Attitudes, and Nutrition Practices of Anemic College Females. Evidence-Based Nursing Research, 2(4), 11.


Context: The development of correct knowledge, appropriate practice and health-seeking behaviors, and acquiring a positive attitude towards anemia are essential for anemic' females to reach a healthy lifestyle and become free from serious complications secondary to anemia.

Aim:  This study aimed to assess knowledge, attitudes, and nutrition practices among anemic' college' females.

Methods: A descriptive study was conducted in Medical Clinics, Students' University Hospital on a purposive non-probability sample of (370) college females included in this study. Data collection tools were self-administered questionnaires covered: knowledge, attitudes, health-seeking behavior, and nutrition practices regarding anemia.

Results: The current study revealed that most participants had incorrect knowledge regarding iron nutrition, incorrect knowledge about anemia as a disease, incorrect practice (94.1%, 65%, and 87.8%), respectively. The minority of them had a positive attitude regarding anemia (13.8%), while more than half have of them had a neutral attitude toward anemia (58.60%).

Conclusion: The study concluded that participants' knowledge and nutrition practices were incorrect while their attitudes regarding anemia were neutral. The study recommended that the necessity of conducting a comprehensive survey of anemic females at the university stage for providing an educational program about anemia. Besides, there is a need for conducting the study on a larger probability sample of college females in different geographical settings.

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