Assessment of The Nurse Interns' Medication Administration Safety Performance

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Assessment of The Nurse Interns' Medication Administration Safety Performance


Medication administration, nurse interns, safety performance

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Saber, A., & Elshemy, H. (2020). Assessment of The Nurse Interns’ Medication Administration Safety Performance. Evidence-Based Nursing Research, 2(4), 9.


Contents: Medication administration is an integral part of delivering quality nursing care. The nurse intern should follow the specific guidelines to enhance their medication administration safety.

Aim:  The study aims to assess the nurse intern's medication administration safety performance.

Methods: The study conducted at Ain Shams University Hospitals using the descriptive design on 90 nurse interns by using three tools, namely, medication administration knowledge questionnaire, the observational checklist for nurse interns' safety performance, and Medication Administration safety Attitude Rating Scale.

Results: Findings of the study revealed that the minority of nurse interns (4.3%) had satisfactory total knowledge, 39% had adequate total practice, and around two-thirds of them (62.6%) had a positive attitude. 

Conclusion: It is concluding that the nurse interns had unsatisfactory knowledge of medication administration safety, and their related practices are mostly inadequate, although the attitude tends to be high. The study recommended that nurse internship programs should emphasize medication administration safety knowledge and practice with more focus on identified gaps and deficiencies. Further research is proposed to assess the effect of training strategies on the nurse intern's medication administration safety.